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4GLTE connected & Solar PoweredProgress Documentation, Monitoring, Reporting, Marketing Content

Feed Your AI InitiativesJust put it up, switch it on & get 4K+ visuals online

"The discreet monitors of progress, safety, and innovation at the construction site, capturing every moment as a project unfolds, enabling seamless supervision and documentation."- Hermes Gordon, Project Manager, Evolugen by Brookfield RenewableEvolugen Logo

Samples: Vision-As-A-ServiceProgress Documentation, Monitoring, Reporting, Marketing Content

As uploaded by a ZD Infinity. No editing has been done to this photo.
As uploaded by a ZD Infinity. No editing has been done to this photo.
As uploaded by a ZBeyond. No editing has been done to this photo.

Visuals marked in their corner were captured by ZEITDICE devices in the field.

"These cameras are easy, budget-friendly, and they deliver ready-to-use 4K content that we absolutely love. Customer service is second to none!"- Nathan Rogers, Director of Photography, Corus Entertainment Corus Entertainment Logo

Agricultural Applications Horticulture, Research, Feeding AI

"ZEITDICE cameras have streamlined our data collection for yield predictions & AI training."- Clemens Moeller, Product Development Manager, HarvestAiHarvestAi Logo
A ZD Infinity in a greenhouse
A ZD Infinity took this image
HarvestAi Dashboard: Crop growth and yield prediction powered by machine learning and computer vision

PricingWe know each project has different needs. We've got options for any job, anywhere!

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4K resolution photos online every hour
Weekly Timelapse Videos
Professionally edited "End of Project" Video
Cellular Data Upload Cost (1GB) included
Cloud Storage, Web Interface and API included
+ $600 Equipment cost upfront


4K resolution photos online every 15 minutes
Weekly Timelapse Videos
Professionally edited "End of Project" Video
Cellular Data Upload Cost (5GB) included
Cloud Storage, Web Interface and API included
+ $600 Equipment cost upfront


4K resolution photos online every few minutes and videos
Weekly Timelapse Videos
Professionally edited "End of Project" Video
Cellular Data Upload Cost (10GB) included
Cloud Storage, Web Interface and API included
Live Streaming *
+ $600 Equipment cost upfront

Additional Info:

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We developed this automonous IOT camera so you don’t have to.Capture every stage of construction with precision. Ideal for project oversight, our timelapse technology offers vital documentation for progress tracking, risk management, and maintaining accountability throughout your build.

ZBeyond 4K Solar Timelapse Camera
4K Precision in Every Frame
Experience exceptional visual quality with our 4K Wide Angle Camera.
ZBeyond Timelapse Camera uploades via Cellular LTE 4G Network
Cellular Connectivity
Our device harnesses the power of 4G/LTE, ensuring a consistent connection. Effortlessly integrated, it requires no installation from you – it's all on us.
ZBeyond Solar Powered Timelapse Camera
Solar Charging
Charging via external solar panel (5W / 6V, included).

Interface, Controls & IntegrationsMeet the ZEITCloud Platform

Access Portal
Click here to open a Demo Access Portal.

Project stakeholders can access images and videos via a customizable (your Logo & CSS) web site. It can be public via URL ( or password protected.
ZEITCloud Image Selector
Filter Images, Export & Render Videos

Manage, order and configure cameras through an easy to use web interface.
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See the most recent photos / videos directly on your dashboard.

Timelapse Videos

Scheduled, automatic rendering of timelapse videos from the uploaded images, ready to share on social media or other channels.


We provide easy to use HTML code to embed the most recent images and videos into your website, dashboard, or 3rd party application.


SSL is used for all communication with ZEITCloud, including the upload from the cameras and the API, furthermore the API needs a valid token to respond to requests from 3rd party applications.

Email Notifications

We will notify you when your camera misses an expected upload or something seems wrong with the hardware.


Get a JSON object pushed to your API when a new image is uploaded or an event is triggered.


Endpoints to retrieve either the most recent video / image / data or a range of them as JSON.

OTA Updates

Over-The-Air: All our devices can have their settings and firmware updated remotely.

FTP Upload

You have your own FTP Server or similar? Great, ZD devices can upload directly to your server. Talk to us first please.

Missing Something?

We are always adding new features, please let us know what you believe should be next on our TODO list.

Hardware SpecificationsZBeyond 2024 Model

4K / 12MP Sony IMX708 Sensor
4608H × 2592V Pixels, Optical Size: 1/2.43 (7.4 mm sensor diagonal) and a pixel size of 1.4μm x 1.4μm, 35mm equivalent: 16mm
102° Wide Angle Fixed Focus
Field of View (FOV): 120° (Diagonal) x 102° (Horizontal) x 67° (Vertical), F.N: F2.2, Focal Length: 2.75 mm
On request: Various Lenses, Motorized Focus (remote controlled) & Autofocus
Timelapse Photography & Short Videos
Device wakes up on schedule, takes a photo or video (30s max.) and uploads it.
4G LTE Cellular
Fully integrated in our offering. Nothing for you to install or pay. We operate in the US, EU and in Canada but only where 4G / LTE signal is available. If you are unsure if your project is within coverage, please contact us.
Durability & Maintenance
Optimal Operating Temperature Range -20°C to +40°C (appr. -4°F to +104°F)
In very cold conditions, our camera conserves energy by taking fewer photos. It works well even at -30°C (-22°F), but to keep it running smoothly, it needs a strong charging source. If you're in a place that gets really cold for long periods, reach out to us before you buy, so we can ensure you have what you need for the camera to perform at its best.
IP66 Rating (Dustproof and Weatherproof)
Occasional cleaning of the lens and solar panel may be required depending on deployment site.
Battery & Power
Built-in Lithium-ion and Supercapacitors
2 x 3,000 mAh - Enough to upload 500 full-resolution photos on a single charge within good 4G / LTE signal. Approx. 4 weeks on a full charge with 1-hour photo intervals, without re-charging.
Solar Charging
Our camera comes with an efficient, external 2W / 6V Voltaic solar panel that fully powers up the device with just 12 hours of sunlight. Even in places with minimal sunshine, a few hours of daylight each month are enough to capture photos every half hour. If you're in an area with limited sunlight, we can offer larger panels to meet your needs—just let us know.
Charging Accessories
4ft solar cable extension + USB Adapter (for indoor usage where solar is not an option). Extension cable works for both solar panel and USB charging (5V - 16V).
Mounting, Size and Weight
Heavy Duty Mounting System by RAM® + Safety cable included
Weight, Total 1kg (2.2lbs)
Camera: 0.5kg (1.1lbs), Mounting: 0.25kg (0.5lbs), Solar: 0.25kg (0.5lbs)
Enclosure Size
9cm x 9cm x 6cm (approx 3.5 x 3.5 x 2.4 inches)

Mount AnywhereMounting versatility meets off-grid innovation.

Our cameras offer flexible installation options without the need for WiFi or external power, setting the industry standard for convenience and adaptability. Places like:

Metal Pipes
Mast Arms
Site Trailers
Utility Poles
And Much More!

Standard Kit Includes Heavy Duty Mounting System by RAM® + Safety cable, Tough-Ball™ B Size, Double Socket Arm, and U-Bolt Base. Custom options are available.

Made in Canada by ZEITDICE Inc. (Established 2015)


Michael Schwanzer on Construction Site with Camera

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